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About Kay

Kay Rynerson, LMT, Registered Thai Massage Therapist
206 633-4718 | krynersonmccabe@gmail.com

My goal with Crow's Wing Spa is to present, in an intimate environment, the type of luxury options - sauna, steam, scrubs and wraps - typically found only in larger spas. I also wanted to accommodate clients as they aged and perhaps became challenged with mobility issues.

And So...My Journey Begins
I left the "office" forever to start a family in 1984. After a few years of full-time parenting with two children, I started teaching aerobic exercise classes at a local health club.

The Long Road Home
This is when I became intensely curious about the workings of the human body as I watched participants improve their posture, mood and energy levels through exercise.

Massage school was a great option for studying muscles, bones, movement and the effects of human touch. Before enrolling, I booked my first professional massage. About two minutes into the session, I was committed, hook, line and sinker to this wonderful profession.

After graduating from Seattle Massage School in 1988, I began to do massage at a Seattle health club, where I stayed for nearly a decade.

I loved the flexibility of working by appointment, and to this day I can't believe I get paid for this! Every once in awhile I have the same nightmare: I'm waiting for the 7:35 a.m. bus on a busy street, wearing a navy blue suit with pantyhose and heels and carrying a briefcase. I wake up in a cold sweat. I think it's a guilt dream -- I simply can't believe my good fortune to find a career I truly love and that allows me to make an actual living.

I began my Thai Massage studies shortly after reading a magazine article on the subject. I was so pumped I wanted to take the very next flight available to Bangkok!

I had to wait a year or so, but made my first exploratory trip to Thailand in 1993, where I experienced many different styles of Thai massage. When I came home I was determined to continue my studies and was lucky to find Michael Eisenberg, then living in Bow, Washington. At the time, Michael took students on annual trips to Chiang Mai, to the Institute of Thai Massage (ITM), where he acted as an assistant instructor. A talented therapist and gifted teacher, he patiently taught me the whole routine as taught at ITM over a period of five years, a little at a time. Taking my time (I'm a slow learner) gave me a chance to practice, integrate and fine-tune the moves.

By the time I returned to Thailand in 1997 I was ready to take the teaching-certification course and received my credentials at ITM with Chongkol and Attchara Settakorn.

DVDs and more...

The Thai Massage Workbook and other products are available online at learn-thaimassage.com
Discouraged by the lack of adequate teaching materials, I created my own over the next four years, culminating in The Thai Massage Workbook, a step-by-step guide (something I wish I had had while learning!). The workbook includes a full three-hour routine. And now there is the DVD, a shorter, step-by-step guide to a 90-minute routine.

Teaching & Learning
I now specialize in teaching Thai on the Table for massage therapists, and have written a book and produced a DVD on the subject [www.learn-thaimassage.com]. This work is constantly evolving from the collective wisdom of other practitioners. Their creativity and compassion in the service of clients never fail to inspire me.

There is no end to the learning process, so the work I do in my treatment room is always evolving. I return to Thailand every year or two to concentrate on collecting new moves, refine old ones and explore the many approaches taken by other therapists. I also collaborate with many creative Thai therapists here in North America who have generously shared their knowledge and experience. In addition, I joined the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), a non-profit association of Thai therapist, teachers and institutions committed to excellence and to the promotion of this great tradition. The association is working towards standardizing levels of achievement and study. Through THAI, I am a Registered Thai Therapist.

Various Massage Styles
In addition to Thai massage, I integrate Swedish, deep tissue and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques into my massage on the table.

I'm a dedicated foodie, happy to have the opportunity at the spa to engage my senses by immersing myself in the tactile joy and the aromatic pleasure of foods without actually eating them. Indulging myself in my two favorite things, bodies and organic food, is my idea of a great career.

Hot Stones
Doing hot stone treatments gives me even more connection with the earth.

The Rossiter System
When I encountered the Rossiter System, I immediately recognized it as the missing piece in my treatment room. Developed by a dedicated student of Ida Rolf, the Rossiter workout effectively stretches the fascia, allowing the body to restore balance and instantly escape pain. Results are profound, and the process is very satisfying.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you soon! Ready to book a treatment? Click here.

  Kay Rynerson, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lic# MA 00003963, Registered Thai Therapist
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